Friday, January 19, 2007

A surprising turn of events

Here is some interesting news for you…we have decided to postpone David’s CI surgery! Again, I make the observation that we do nothing simply around here!!! I won’t bother going into all of the information behind the decision…the short version is that, on the recommendation of David’s doctor, we have decided to postpone the surgery. We had made the decision to implant based on the way his hearing was deteriorating; however, more recently the hearing in his right ear has stabilized and the hearing in his left ear has declined a bit. So we will watch him closely over the next weeks (maybe months) and see what happens. We still fully expect him to need the implant this year, and probably not too far into this year, but of course there is no way to predict for certain. All of the prep for his CI is complete, so as soon as one of his ears starts to decline, we will go ahead and implant whichever ear warrants it first. On a side note, both kids’ hearing was stable at today’s check. Abigail’s CT scan went very well – she was a trooper. The sedation wore off between the first and second series, but she held still for the second series without any trouble. Granted, she was still a bit groggy from the meds, but she was alert enough to look around and ask me questions. I was very grateful for her sign language skills, as I was able to tell her things like, "No hurt", "Sleep", "Be quiet", etc. (No hearing aids allowed during the scan, and lots of noise besides.) The doctor is out of the office until Tuesday, so we don't expect results before then. Well, another exciting day behind us! We will be spending this weekend with my in-laws, who are snowbirding in N.C. this month -- so I probably won't post anything else until Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

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