Friday, January 05, 2007

Hearing loss adventures

A quick summary of the kids’ appointments today – David’s hearing was pretty stable, just a few minor fluctuations. We completed his audiological evaluations for the CI, so we are good to go. We have an appt with the surgeon this coming Wednesday (Jan. 10th) and should get a surgery date (for the CI) then (unless we hear back sooner!). At this point, the surgery date is still tentatively the second week of February. Abigail had a huge drop in one ear and that ear is now at almost the same exact levels as David’s ready-to-implant ear, but for some frequencies being slightly better than his current levels (though a couple of her frequencies are worse than his!). So she appears to be hurtling toward a CI as well. After Wednesday’s appt we will have a better idea of timing for her CI. We do nothing simply around here – we always aim to make things as exciting as possible…! (How are we doing?!) As for David's recovery, this is the first day that he is really on the mend. His voice sounds better and he is pretty comfortable as long as we are on time with his pain if we could just get a good night's sleep with no waking up from the pain...!

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