Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our week ~ November 11

We had a rather uneventful week (and just for the record -- we LIKE those kinds of weeks a lot!).
Here is Abigail with cast #3 of the serial casting she is having done to help straighten out her foot. (She will need surgery eventually, but they hope to hold off on that until she has done most of her growing.  The Botox, casting, and leg brace will help to 'tide her over' until surgery.  The goal is that, after all of these interventions, she will not need any kind of bracing once she is fully grown.)  The cast doesn't slow her down much -- she and her walking boot take on the world at top speed and you'd never know she has a heavy cast on there when you see her running around!  The only time it hampers us is at bath time...she and I will both be grateful to go back to her independent showering once this process is done. :)
Here is David with his latest science project -- design and build a robotic animal.

Not much to share -- but we think "boring" is preferable to "exciting"! :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our weeks ~ October 21, October 28, & November 4

Our weeks have been full of many things...
Beautiful autumn colors (this is in our backyard)
 Abigail's second round of Botox on her left leg (see her faithful nurse?)
 Adorable cats who entertain us by playing in catnip, jumping windows in pursuit of insects, watching the printer in fascination, and (best of all!) snuggling
 A working weekend retreat in the lovely north Georgia mountains
 The magic of the first frost of the season
 The slow-paced fun of our latest science experiment (aka snail terrarium)
as we study animal classification
 Tree climbing (David is in the tree on the left)
 Schoolwork, schoolwork, and more schoolwork
 A 'mission of mercy' trip to cheer up my parents since my dad is down for the count with a foot infection and my mom is busy being his nurse:
With Grandpa during his daily IV treatment
 David and Grandpa hanging out at the pool
My first batch of 'real' soap (lye based soap with goat's milk & orange scent)
 The kids making pretty glycerin soaps with Grandma
 A fun picture from their yard, just because I like it!

Cousin/nephew/niece-love (and uncles and aunts, too)
 Back in Georgia again, to our chilly (but pretty!) fall weather...
from about October through March, if I am wearing pants,
you can be pretty sure that these are hiding underneath. :)
Football!  David wore his Broncos hat to cheer for Peyton Manning.
 The conclusion of our fall soccer season
Even a little bit of sewing & embroidery got squeezed into the schedule
 That's those three weeks in a nutshell! :)