Monday, July 30, 2012

First day of school 2012-2013

Today was our first day of school for this year!  I am blessed to have two students who are always excited to start school, and this year was no exception.  David is in fifth grade this year and Abigail is in third grade.  We had a great day and, for the most part, we already feel like we're in the swing of things.  Here are my eager students holding their favorite subject so far this year (Abigail would like me to note that she has lots of favorites, so she only picked one of them to show everyone.  I would like to note that David is holding what has been, up until now, his 'grumpiest' subject...but today he did his mathwork without complaint or argument, which was lovely...his teacher is hoping that this is a permanent change of heart!)

Mindy, too, quickly settled into her usual school routine...grab pencils and lie on top of papers to interrupt schoolwork, then settle into her window seat for a long nap!
One day down...only 179 more to go! :)