Thursday, February 10, 2011

In the snow again

Believe it or not, we woke up to snow again this morning...what a crazy winter it has been!  Today's snow was the southern kind of snow -- here in the morning, melted by afternoon.  Just right. :)
The kids are excited every time it happens (although some of us, of the older variety, are pretty ready for spring now), so I called a 'snow delay' for school and let them escape outside for an hour and a half.  Eventually I called them in, peeled off wet clothes, sent them off for hot showers, served them hot chocolate, and then we sat down to school...and what relaxed, happy, ready-to-work students they were after their morning energy-burn!

February's off to a roaring start

I am delinquent in posting, so I will post this in a hodge-podge style to catch up on the last couple of weeks.  Mostly, our lives have been full of the (pleasantly) mundane, not-really-bloggably-interesting moments, but here are a few moments captured, in no particular order...
Don't you think this is why I spread out this "lay flat to dry" sweater on the sunny table?!
 David and I escaped for an early-morning date to Waffle House on Sunday.  He has been particularly needful of my attention lately and I wanted to carve out some time to give him my undivided attention.  Abigail took this picture for us when we got home.  (And to think, as a tiny newborn nearly nine years ago, he curled up in a tiny ball on my chest and had lots of room to spare...I did not realize just how fast these years would fly...)
 I helped Bruce to reorganize his work space in our bedroom.  We carried up this bookcase from storage downstairs to help hold some stuff and clear off more desktop space for him.  Mindy was quite sure we went to all of that trouble just to make this space for her.
 Not a great picture...the sun was gorgeous, but it doesn't make for great pictures.  Anyway, here are my sweeties before church on Sunday.  Abigail was thrilled to wear her "Samantha dress" and have the actual Samantha doll to match her, right down to the black hair bow, tights, and shoes!
 The kids and I took a mini-field trip to the Georgia National Cemetery (for veterans and their families).  It is arranged in the classic style of white headstones that are in straight lines from whichever direction you view them.  The kids and I walked through one area and talked about the different branches of the military, the wars, our soldiers, even life and death.  We want to raise them with the same fierce patriotism that we feel.  We also want them to understand -- in a limited and somewhat sheltered way at this point still -- that death is part of life.  I didn't take any pictures inside the cemetery because there were other people visiting specific graves and I couldn't take a picture without feeling disrespectful to them.
Abigail decided that she wanted to learn magic tricks, so we schlepped off to the library and found a good book.  She has been studying up and practicing tricks -- here is her first magic show!
David was supposed to be the assistant, but his center-of-the-stage personality had a little trouble remembering to occupy the lesser spotlight. :)
We were pleasantly surprised when she pulled off her first trick without a hitch!
 Lest you think Bruce is a serious and boring he is showing Abigail his "magic trick" after her show.  He asked to borrow her handkerchief and then told her he would make something magically appear in it -- he got lots of laughs!!! (Don't worry, he only pretended!)
 Here is David reading a book.  Do you ever read in this position?!
 David has also been busy practicing his golf swing.  He's got an important golfing date coming up soon and he's more than a little excited about it.
Whew, I think that does it...we're all caught up!
It's our crazy, wonderful life and we love it. :)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to my grandpa...aka "the Energizer Bunny" because none of us can keep up with him!!!  We love you, Grandpa, and can't wait to see you soon!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy things

A cute kid, a very patient cat, and a nearly-finished quilt top...happiness is! :)