Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who stole November?!

I have been spotty on blogging lately, and probably will continue to be for most of this month due to schedule demands.  I have only one weekday this month that does not have some kind of outside commitment in it...and I'm guarding it valiantly, as befits any near-extinct thing, but I'm not holding my breath! :)

Despite the busyness, there are many good things that have happened and are scheduled to happen during November, and I don't want to lose sight of being thankful each day for each task that the Lord has allowed me.

That said, when I'm this busy, only the highest-priority things get done, and blogging usually falls behind...but when I have a spare minute or two, my faithful sidekick and I will make sure we post something!


Mothering is not for the faint of heart...

...and mothering a boy requires a special measure of grace!!!
I looked out the window the other day to see this...

And this morning I heard David call from the living room, "Mom, come see what I caught!"
He was very excited, so he brought it inside to show me!

I am so thankful -- far-beyond-words thankful -- to be a mom!
...even during those "I-deserve-hazard-pay" moments. :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

All in a day's work

After a day of snuggling...

...and figuring out how the computer works...

...we're all tuckered out around here!

Welcome home, Mindy!

Yesterday we were able to bring Mindy home.  So far she is proving to be everything we hoped for in a kitten -- she is very friendly, she loves the kids and seeks them out for attention, she is smart and playful, and it was a very nice bonus that she slept peacefully all night long and didn't keep me awake!

She made it clear right away that she will let us know when she has something to complain about...she complained very loudly the whole way home because she didn't like being cooped up in the carrier...

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She is pretty brave about exploring.  I was relieved that she loved the special home David had spent so much time preparing for her...his face was aglow when she discovered it!

She likes to explore "up, down, and all around" in typical kitten form.

She has very good taste...she discovered the knitting basket, sniffed all of the yarn, and decided to taste Abigail's wool.  In a day or two, she will start learning that "pssssst!" means she needs to find a different activity!

I had forgotten about kitten-proofing the house...anything that dangles is considered fair game for grabbing and biting!

She loves to play with the feathers on a wand that the kids picked out for her.

And this is what Mindy looks like when Molly comes to stare at far they just face off and hiss from afar, but we hope that they'll be good friends soon!

This morning Mindy is happily exploring and helping Bruce with his work, purring charmingly as she sprawls on his papers and walks on his keyboard.

Isn't she cute?!  Who can possibly resist a kitten?!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Waking up wired

David woke up in full-steam-ahead's hoping he'll have enough steam to keep him energetic and cheerful all the way through our busy day!

^This is David, tangled up around his father's ankles so that he couldn't leave for work, and giggling delightedly...

Making a scarecrow