Sunday, August 26, 2007

Five year old reasoning

David keeps trying to talk us down on how many 'big sleeps' left until we can leave...he has explained to us several times how we can do away with the delay and just leave NOW! ( I have not asked my grandmother for her opinion, since I am quite sure she would side with David!) Abigail is on board now, too, and can't wait to play with Amanda and Alicia...she has no concept of the 19 hours of driving between here and NY!!! Good thing I have new books, activities, and videos tucked away for the trip... Really, though, both kids are great travelers, so I'm not worried. Lest we get concerned that we might be bored, however, this will be the first family trip with no kids in diapers...those of you who are aware of my germophobia, never fear -- I am stocked up with a supply of disposable toilet seat liners, since I now have a daughter that will be using the (gasp in horror) rest-area bathrooms...!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The countdown continues...

Today I did more laundry and housework, weedwhacked everywhere that needed it, cleaned up some branches etc from some pruning I had done previously, and changed the air filter in the van (credit where credit is due: I did have to call Bruce out for some man-strength at the beginning...if only my hands were actually as strong as they are in my mind!). I even managed some time with the kids down at the pool (the water is my idea of perfect right now -- warm enough to walk right in without making me gasp, but still just cool enough to be refreshing). David is turning into a regular dolphin now that he is confident without his water-wings, and it's so much fun to watch. Bruce has been diligently working (from home) all day long, trying to get time-sensitive projects done and get all of his hours in for the month. We called my grandma this morning to let her give the travel-plans to David and he is VERY excited that we are going up to visit everyone! He reminded me several times throughout the day that we will be leaving after three big sleeps...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Preparing to head north

My blogging has been a little scarcer than usual this week because the week has been full of getting everything in order before we leave for a week in NY to visit has long felt like the trip was so far away, but all of a sudden it's here and I need to get ready to go! The car is ready -- oil changed, tires rotated and balanced, every square inch is vacuumed, and new organizers added in my never-ending quest to have the car as clean when we arrive at our destination as it was when we left home!!! As we describe it to David (who does not yet know about the trip!), only four more big sleeps until we leave...the countdown has begun! (Grandma, I can already hear you prancing...!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Everyday miracles

On Monday of this week, we were in the lobby of a medical office building (fyi, RaDora, it was PENTA's Alpharetta bldg) and David said something rather loudly...which is, of course, his usual volume. Anyway, it echoed, and the look on his face was beautiful -- and then he shushed all of us and said things over and over so that we could all listen to the echo. He was completely awed by this phenomenon. You have no idea what a miracle that is until you have seen your child struggle with hearing loss, until you have seen the look on his/her face the first time their new HAs are turned on...there is just no way to describe the feeling. We certainly don't take any of these 'ordinary' moments for granted! And speaking of such, Abigail continues to make great strides with her physical capabilities...below is a video of her at the playground last month. After she pranced away to play, I stood there for a minute or two in quiet reflection, overwhelmed by the grace of God in the life of our kids...
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Belated wishes...

A belated happy birthday, Greta!
I called you, so you know I didn't forget...
but I did forget to post it here.
Although it was a typically busy day for you,
hopefully it was a good one!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You win some, you lose some

Behold, this lovely dish of eggplant parmigiana,
with the eggplant and basil (and tomatoes for the sauce)
fresh from the looks lovely, but it was a bust! Bruce and I thought it was alright, but nothing that we'd want again...David bravely ate a few bites until we told him he didn't have to eat any more...and Abigail burst into tears (literally!) when I cut it open on her plate and she saw the inside!!!
Eggplant: The fruit is beautiful; the plants thrive and produce abundantly without any fussing; we're glad we did it once so that we know not to do it again!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Accolades for 'Miss Potter'

A friend had recommended the movie Miss Potter (the story of Beatrix Potter) to me, and Bruce and I watched it this week -- wow. It is not often that we are struck by a movie; we are not easily impressed. But this movie was excellent -- good acting/writing/directing/costumes etc, and the story was compelling. An added benefit was that there was nothing objectionable in it (which is so rare). It is not a "chick flick" that you can watch and then just walk away from lightheartedly -- it is very moving -- that is all I shall say about it so that I don't get into trouble by giving anything away! Definitely a must-watch if you're looking for a good movie. On a side-note, if you are looking for excellently-done Tales of Beatrix Potter DVDs (who doesn't love Peter Rabbit et al?), we really like The Complete Beatrix Potter Collection. A must-have for any child (or child-at-heart)...

Cupcake liner poll

Thanks, everybody -- that was fun. It was inspired because I was making cupcakes the other day and noticed that on the cupcake liner container it said "Use foil liners - discard paper separators". What? -- use foil, discard paper?! I like the paper ones and dislike the foil ones...but I use them both because I am too cheap to throw any you know one of my secret quirks!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bruce's cardiac followup

Bruce saw his cardiologist as well as a cardiac electrophysiologist (EP) today. Below is the plan for him: ~They put him on an anti-arrhythmic medication in addition to all of the other meds he's on. This should prevent a-fib. We learned that the more the heart goes into a-fib, the more it can actually morph the heart cells to make them more and more prone to go into a-fib, so they are anxious to prevent this. Some people have electrical system complications from this medication, so Bruce will have an EKG done on Monday and Friday of next week to make sure he is operating smoothly. ~The long-term plan is to keep him on all of these meds for 6 months to a year and then, when we have seen significant reduction in the enlargement of his heart, to start weaning him off of the meds and see if he can function well all on his own. This was very encouraging to us; of course, if he needs to be medicated the rest of his life, we will gladly do so, but it was nice to know that everyone's hope and plan is for him to be med-free! ~Bruce has an echocardiogram scheduled for September 7th to re-check the device and the heart tissue around it, as well as to see if there has been any noticeable reduction in the right ventricle/atrium yet. ~Assuming that Bruce 'behaves' between now and then, he will follow up with the EP dr on Sept. 25th and then with his regular cardiologist in November. Again, thank you for all of your prayer on our behalf, and again, we are so grateful for the Lord's constant hand of love and care on our family...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sick kids

Both kids are sick with a cold/cough virus;
we are glad they are doing it now
so that everyone can be healthy
for our trip to NY at the end of the month!!!
They sure are pitiful when they don't feel well...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Multi-talented kids

I was surprised to find this picture on my camera when I went to upload a picture that I had taken... apparently David and Abigail decided to have a photo shoot while they were playing dress-up...I must say, the model and the photographer are both rather talented!

Doesn't David make a fetching Snow White?! I think this picture should go in the embarass-him-later file...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ten years of togetherness

Ten years ago today,
Bruce asked me to be his girlfriend. We met in August of 1996 when Bruce moved into town to go to medical school and started coming to my church. Over the next year, we became very good friends, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary when he invited me out to dinner and a Skychiefs game. Little did I know that, during his after-dinner coffee (which I couldn't figure out why he had ordered, since we were already going to be late for the first pitch!), he asked me out...and the rest is history! We knew each other so well that by the time he asked me to date him, we were both pretty confident that we were headed toward marriage, but we followed cultural protocol and starting dating on August 14th...we got engaged December 24th...and were married on June 27, 1998. On a side note, we did eventually make it to that baseball game...I don't remember anything about the game itself (although it's pretty safe to assume that our team lost!), but I do remember the euphoria of holding Bruce's hand and sitting with his arm around me until our arms and hands had fallen asleep, but neither of us wanted to say so...young fools in love! We still laugh about that. These have been the sweetest years of my life...and Bruce is still my best friend and my boyfriend as well as my husband! I love you, Hon -- thanks again for being willing to give up your stubborn resolution that we were JUST FRIENDS...!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday fun, redneck style

On one of the back roads near here, there are a bunch of pretty rocks that appear to have fallen off a truck -- they are scattered in the weeds along the side of the road in the middle of nowhere -- and yesterday Bruce helped me get a third installment to bring home.

We had a good laugh that we felt like true rednecks...pulling over on the side of the road to 'garbage-pick' for our landscaping supplies!!! If only we'd had a few cows to tip...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

How sweet it is

Yesterday, while we were grocery shopping, we were in the baking aisle and I was searching for cocoa when a lady behind me said, "Oh, they're getting a little sweet treat!" I looked down and there were my little darlings, licking their fingers and dipping them in the spilled powdered sugar on the store shelf (and re-licking and re-dipping...).
I really should try feeding them every once in a while...

Bits and pieces from this week

~Bruce has stayed out of A-fib ALL WEEK LONG -- hooray! ~My parents are currently in New York...a family friend passed away this past Monday and my folks went up for the visitation...not a happy circumstance; that aside, though, my grandparents are very happy to have southern visitors! ~Another week of school under our Before we know it, we'll be done with our first year! ~My father-in-law has been accepted into a cancer treatment program here in Atlanta. We are all very pleased with this progress and echo David's prayer from this week that God will make Grandpa's body all better. Also, my in-laws sold their house this week -- another answer to prayer. Now they can get ready to move farther south -- and before the northern winter sets in! ~We continue with an incredible heat wave. This morning when I stepped out on the porch, it felt downright chilly, so I checked the thermometer...70 degrees! You know it's been hot when 70 feels chilly! Guess that's about it. We have a quiet day planned for today; Bruce will do some work from the couch and I will putter around and hopefully sew a little bit.

Happy birthday, Eugenia!

Happy birthday, Eugenia!
Have a great day.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Atlanta's HOT, HOT, HOT!

Thought you might like to see the outdoor temperature from yesterday afternoon...and no, the sensor is not in direct sun! But before anyone grumps that they wouldn't be able to stand these temperatures, bear in mind that although we have one steamy month like this, in turn we will hit 70 degrees in the middle of's definitely worth it!

We were out of power for several hours overnight; here is a picture of David (with his cheesy smile) all ready for rustic living this morning when he found out there was no power!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A bit of paradise for the palate

Last night we enjoyed one of the wonders of the culinary world -- Miz Dora's Sourdough Bread. If you haven't eaten it, you have not yet lived life to its fullest!!!
Whenever RaDora goes home to Arkansas for a visit, her mom makes this bread for her, and RaDora is then kind enough to share some with us...last night we ate the entire loaf (sliced, buttered, and toasted in a frying pan), along with some homemade tomato soup (yes, made with homegrown tomatoes and basil)...sweet bliss!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hearing report 8/7/07

The kids got their hearing checked today and are essentially stable. Hooray!
Besides good results, the office was rather quiet today
and we had a blast visiting with RaDora
and the other audiology staff for a while,
which was a real treat.
We just love them!

Monday, August 06, 2007

School...week 2

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David is learning a poem:

Time to Rise ~by Robert Louis Stevenson

A birdie with a yellow bill

Hopped upon the windowsill

Cocked his shining eye and said,

"Ain't you 'shamed, you sleepy-head?"

David with the play-doh letters that he made in phonics class today

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fun family-date

We took the kids to Bruster's for ice cream this afternoon, where -- as you can see -- the kids thoroughly enjoyed their Purple Dinosaur ice cream!...and although the kids' faces are messier, guess who spilled the most ice cream on their clothing?!

How many Polaks does it take... hang a porch swing?!

If you don't get the joke, look a little closer...

notice that my feet are not anywhere near the floor?!)

(...and don't anybody take offense at the Polish joke --

I am 50% Polish!)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy birthday, Aunt Connie!

^Aunt Connie in her birthday present

Happy birthday, Aunt Connie!

^With my kids at Jared's wedding

Our first week of school finished

We finished our first week of school and it went really well. David loves it and is catching on quickly to what is expected of him. To celebrate a successful week, we went to the playground this afternoon, and then when we got home, the kids worked on their models.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Me and my dearest one

Last night, David insisted that he needed
to take a picture of me and Bruce --
and since I had recently been scolded for
not appearing much on my own blog,
the timing was perfect...

Yesterday's hodge-podge

Yesterday... ~David was very excited because, for the very first time, I let him talk on my "Too-blooth" (that's what the kids call my Bluetooth). :-) ~I dropped (and spilled all over the floor, of course!) a bucket full of dry dog food and a two-pound container of blueberries. I think my 'drop-what-I'm-holding' percentage averages about 90% on any given day! ~Bruce stayed out of a-fib all day long yesterday -- hooray! The upped dosage of beta-blocker is causing him to sleep very deeply at night (he didn't hear Abigail crying, the dog barking, etc), but so far he's feeling okay during the day. Nothing very earth-shattering, but just everyday pleasantness. School continues to goes well -- every day is getting a little longer than the previous day as we add more subjects, but David is still so excited to start every day. Our house is resonating with "I says 'i' as in Indian...I says "i, i, i" -- both kids are so enthusiastic about phonics! It doesn't seem so long ago that I remember being in Mrs. Dalton's class reciting my it's my kids' turn...I must be getting old!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Scuba queen and her superhero sidekick

...she got the mask on all by herself...can you tell?!
I love their active imaginations...