Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bits and pieces from this week

~Bruce has stayed out of A-fib ALL WEEK LONG -- hooray! ~My parents are currently in New York...a family friend passed away this past Monday and my folks went up for the visitation...not a happy circumstance; that aside, though, my grandparents are very happy to have southern visitors! ~Another week of school under our Before we know it, we'll be done with our first year! ~My father-in-law has been accepted into a cancer treatment program here in Atlanta. We are all very pleased with this progress and echo David's prayer from this week that God will make Grandpa's body all better. Also, my in-laws sold their house this week -- another answer to prayer. Now they can get ready to move farther south -- and before the northern winter sets in! ~We continue with an incredible heat wave. This morning when I stepped out on the porch, it felt downright chilly, so I checked the thermometer...70 degrees! You know it's been hot when 70 feels chilly! Guess that's about it. We have a quiet day planned for today; Bruce will do some work from the couch and I will putter around and hopefully sew a little bit.

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