Sunday, August 26, 2007

Five year old reasoning

David keeps trying to talk us down on how many 'big sleeps' left until we can leave...he has explained to us several times how we can do away with the delay and just leave NOW! ( I have not asked my grandmother for her opinion, since I am quite sure she would side with David!) Abigail is on board now, too, and can't wait to play with Amanda and Alicia...she has no concept of the 19 hours of driving between here and NY!!! Good thing I have new books, activities, and videos tucked away for the trip... Really, though, both kids are great travelers, so I'm not worried. Lest we get concerned that we might be bored, however, this will be the first family trip with no kids in diapers...those of you who are aware of my germophobia, never fear -- I am stocked up with a supply of disposable toilet seat liners, since I now have a daughter that will be using the (gasp in horror) rest-area bathrooms...!

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