Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Everyday miracles

On Monday of this week, we were in the lobby of a medical office building (fyi, RaDora, it was PENTA's Alpharetta bldg) and David said something rather loudly...which is, of course, his usual volume. Anyway, it echoed, and the look on his face was beautiful -- and then he shushed all of us and said things over and over so that we could all listen to the echo. He was completely awed by this phenomenon. You have no idea what a miracle that is until you have seen your child struggle with hearing loss, until you have seen the look on his/her face the first time their new HAs are turned on...there is just no way to describe the feeling. We certainly don't take any of these 'ordinary' moments for granted! And speaking of such, Abigail continues to make great strides with her physical capabilities...below is a video of her at the playground last month. After she pranced away to play, I stood there for a minute or two in quiet reflection, overwhelmed by the grace of God in the life of our kids...
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Anonymous said...

Yes to think HIS grace has interferred in our life and shows us how much we not only need HIM but HIS desire burns in our hearts daily.Yes we rejoice in HIS mighty hand
Groovy Pops