Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ten years of togetherness

Ten years ago today,
Bruce asked me to be his girlfriend. We met in August of 1996 when Bruce moved into town to go to medical school and started coming to my church. Over the next year, we became very good friends, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary when he invited me out to dinner and a Skychiefs game. Little did I know that, during his after-dinner coffee (which I couldn't figure out why he had ordered, since we were already going to be late for the first pitch!), he asked me out...and the rest is history! We knew each other so well that by the time he asked me to date him, we were both pretty confident that we were headed toward marriage, but we followed cultural protocol and starting dating on August 14th...we got engaged December 24th...and were married on June 27, 1998. On a side note, we did eventually make it to that baseball game...I don't remember anything about the game itself (although it's pretty safe to assume that our team lost!), but I do remember the euphoria of holding Bruce's hand and sitting with his arm around me until our arms and hands had fallen asleep, but neither of us wanted to say so...young fools in love! We still laugh about that. These have been the sweetest years of my life...and Bruce is still my best friend and my boyfriend as well as my husband! I love you, Hon -- thanks again for being willing to give up your stubborn resolution that we were JUST FRIENDS...!


Debbie Griffin said...

What sweet memories, heh?!? Hope you have a fun day today!

Bruce said...


Thanks for the best ten years of my life, and thanks for willingly gallivanting all over the nation with me. Second to my salvation, you are the best gift God has given me. I love you.