Friday, August 17, 2007

Bruce's cardiac followup

Bruce saw his cardiologist as well as a cardiac electrophysiologist (EP) today. Below is the plan for him: ~They put him on an anti-arrhythmic medication in addition to all of the other meds he's on. This should prevent a-fib. We learned that the more the heart goes into a-fib, the more it can actually morph the heart cells to make them more and more prone to go into a-fib, so they are anxious to prevent this. Some people have electrical system complications from this medication, so Bruce will have an EKG done on Monday and Friday of next week to make sure he is operating smoothly. ~The long-term plan is to keep him on all of these meds for 6 months to a year and then, when we have seen significant reduction in the enlargement of his heart, to start weaning him off of the meds and see if he can function well all on his own. This was very encouraging to us; of course, if he needs to be medicated the rest of his life, we will gladly do so, but it was nice to know that everyone's hope and plan is for him to be med-free! ~Bruce has an echocardiogram scheduled for September 7th to re-check the device and the heart tissue around it, as well as to see if there has been any noticeable reduction in the right ventricle/atrium yet. ~Assuming that Bruce 'behaves' between now and then, he will follow up with the EP dr on Sept. 25th and then with his regular cardiologist in November. Again, thank you for all of your prayer on our behalf, and again, we are so grateful for the Lord's constant hand of love and care on our family...

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