Saturday, January 06, 2007

My first video attempt

Here is a video of Abigail announcing, "I'm cute!" She is, indeed, very cute, even if she's not very humble! Note: You often have to click the "play" button twice to get it going. Those of you operating on dial-up, let me know how easily (or not) it plays for you. To those of you who blog, I can't believe how simple the process was -- if you haven't tried it before, you should! Now I'll probably bombard all of you with videos in the near future!
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Debbie Griffin said...

Oh and what a cutie she is!!! Absolutely adorable! Hey, by the way...I'm so excited...there's a deaf guy coming to work at camp this summer in the kitchen...I'm really hoping for a chance to get back into signing again!

giardiniera said...

Whose mother probably did this as a kid? And melted her daddy's heart as much as this little cutie does?

And I hear the voice of a big boy in the background, too.

I love you guys, and you too, Mommy.


Marsel said...

Oh, c'mon, we all know that Abigail gets her dramatic nature from the McKee side! :-)