Tuesday, January 02, 2007

...and ringing in the new

David is doing great after his surgery. His nights are still a bit rough, but during the day he is eating and drinking almost normally, and is mostly pain-free and happy. It looks like his CI surgery will take place the second week of February (tentative schedule). Abigail is doing great, still working on pushing her eye teeth through -- those teeth have been on the verge of breaking through for over a month now! Hopefully they will appear before her third birthday. :-) We go today for Abigail to be fitted for her new AFO (leg brace). We are excited about the 'graduation' to a more sleek model. Friday the kids both have hearing checks, and David has his audiological testing. Neither of them appear to have lost any significant amount of hearing recently, which is a blessing. We enjoyed having my family here over the holidays, even if everything didn't go according to plan. We did a lot of lying around (except, maybe, for my mother, who had to keep everything running without much help from me...!). The kids thoroughly enjoyed having everybody nearby and David is already busy trying to make plans for them to come back soon (which, to him, means in a couple of days!). It was nice for my parents to have an eight hour drive instead of thirteen (Chicago-NY) or nineteen (Atlanta-NY)! They finally got it right and moved closer to us! :-) Sorry I haven't posted any pictures of the kids over the holidays -- I will try to get to it sometime in the next day or so. Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward to this new year ahead!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss...We've been praying and will continue to do so...so sorry!

shannon said...

I'm sorry, Marsel - I wish I could give you a hug... we will keep you all in our thoughts & prayers. <3