Wednesday, January 10, 2007

David's CI surgery date

We had the kids’ consult (with their ENT/CI surgeon) today – David’s CI surgery will be Friday, February 16th. Everything looks good as far as healing from his tonsillectomy, etc. We are officially starting the CI evaluation/preparation process with Abigail, and it looks like she will probably be starting out by having her tonsils/adenoids out as well. We are waiting to get a date for her CT scan and then, when we have those results, the final decision will be made regarding the t/a surgery. It is going to be a very crazy few months ahead…we will do our best to keep you all posted and not become too self-centric, but we appreciate your understanding as, by necessity, the lion’s share of our attention, time, and energy will be focused on our kids’ needs. As things ramp up, I probably won't be able to manage much one-on-one communication, but I will at least try to keep the blog up-to-date so that you know how we're doing. Again, we are thankful that our heavenly Father goes before us into these uncharted waters!

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