Thursday, January 04, 2007

Abigail signs "I love you!"

Thought you would all enjoy seeing Abigail signing "I love you." She has probably 60-75 signs now and uses them constantly. It has been amazing to watch her learn -- we call her our 'sponge'. Her favorite time of day is when I announce that it's time to watch a Signing Time video. She gets sooo excited! (...and this is GREAT therapy for her left hand, too!) I will post more clips of her signing on our photo gallery page. Please keep in mind that the signs are in motion and the pictures are you only get one part of the sign! One of these days I will figure out how to put videos on the blog and then you can see some in real time. David is doing a little bit better today, after a pretty rough night. I am keeping him hopped up on pain meds again today and that helps. His disposition is a little more pleasant today, so I am taking that to mean he's on the mend. Here is a picture of him signing "sick" -- he is learning lots of signs, too, though he is not as wildly enthusiastic about it as his sister is!

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