Monday, June 30, 2008

Tenth anniversary celebration - Sunday

Yesterday, after a leisurely wake-up time and then 'church' via two John Piper sermons Bruce had downloaded, we headed over to the beach for the day...

Note one of the few ways in which we are opposites. I love the sun...Bruce loves the shade! He was slathered with SPF 50, and I just worked on darkening my shade of brown!!!

I went between sunbathing and bobbing in the Gulf (see me, below?). Eventually, I talked Bruce into trying the water with me, and we had a blast floating together and enjoying the water. It's so lovely, both in color and temperature -- the bottom is ripples of clean white sand, and the water is a translucent greenish-aqua color. Wow! After a couple of hours, we headed back to enjoy low tide in front of our hotel, where we beachcombed and found several gorgeous shells. We went to dinner, visited a little gift shop, then headed back to the beach for sunset...Even though it was hazy, it was still lovely. We finished the day with a slice of pie at a beachside cafe and then another starlit stroll on the beach.

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Anonymous said...

We love you both and rejoice in the LORD that we could help you two have some alone time.Its going excellent with the children hasn't been any problems whatsoever since mom and i have been locking them in the closet!!! just kidding its been wonderful!!!
Groovy Pops !