Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer days at the pool

The kids and I just enjoyed three hours of relaxation at the pool...David spent most of the time in the water, I spent my time sitting in the sun reading or dipping in the pool to cool off, and Abigail spent most of the time sitting in the shade under the ceiling fan, reading -- she is definitely her Daddy's girl!!! She would rather stay home in the A/C to read, but I make her go to the pool...and today I even got her to come in the pool for two minutes with only moderate protests. Afterwards, I sat in the shade with her for a little while and let her read to me while I was knitting the baby blanket!

...And in contrast to our gorgeous, sunny 95 degrees, my brother Jared (Washington state) had 46 degrees when I talked to him earlier today -- yuck! Below is a picture of his puppy Mya trying to hide from the rain and cold...she looks like she's wondering why it's so cold in June, too!!!


Elissa Brown said...

I'll be right over to join you guys at the pool. I can't say I blame Abigail though, since I love to read. I would often rather do that than anything else. And it stimulates the brain. :D Anyway, the pool sounds wonderful with the heat we are getting!!

Delighted Hands said...

Love the pool scenes! I think Mya would like to swim with you guys, too! (Me, too!)