Friday, June 13, 2008

Garden update

Yes, Bruce and RaDora, I needed to update the garden picture -- you people show me no mercy!!! :) As you can see at right, it is incredible what a huge difference there is after ten days of rain, sun, and tending. Below are some closeups of what's growing...

The cucumbers are reaching up and grabbing the support-twine as if they had eyes (it has really reminded us of the amazing design and attention to detail of our Creator)! They have several blossoms now (I forgot to take a picture of those), so the vegetables should be following soon. I know we have several people who will be clamoring for the first sweet fruits...maybe we should auction them off to the highest bidder. (just kidding -- the first ones are ours!!!) :)
The beans are loaded with blossoms. It looks like we will have a bumper crop -- time to get out my canner! Okay, well maybe not quite yet, but I'm getting excited!The tomatoes are coming along nicely. We got some new hybrids this year and it has been interesting to see how differently each of them are growing. As usual, the Sweet 100 cherry tomato plant (far left) takes the prize for getting the biggest fastest! The corn is taking off. The tallest plants are just over three feet tall. These are all Ruby Queen hybrid this year -- every year we've been here, this has been our best producer out of every hybrid we've tried, so we decided to go with this one for the whole crop. The kernels have a lovely purplish-red hue, they are very sweet, and they freeze well. (In the foreground are the kids' zinnias)And with that, I am off to work in said garden! The corn needs a little more thinning in a few spots, I am going to lay down some more plastic for weed control, and I am also going to finish mulching around my sunflowers. In the meantime, David is going to pick up the yard so that I can mow, and after that's done, we are headed to the pool for a few hours!!!

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Delighted Hands said...

your garden is beautiful and bountiful!