Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home and poolside

Well, after 2+ hours at the pool, the kids are already in bed and the only sounds I hear from them are sleeping sounds!

It was really nice not to have anywhere to go today...those days are too few lately and I crave them! I got housework done, the kids enjoyed uninterrupted play time together, and then we went to the pool. We came home just in time for a quick dinner and then bed and here we are. I am trying to decide whether to get a little more housework done or to answer my bed, which is already calling me...!

Below are pictures of the kids sunning...well, Bruce's daughter is actually in the shade, of course. (No, she is not really asleep...she has worked on perfecting her fake-sleep and she's quite good at it!) You can't really tell in the picture, but David is already Bahama-brown, as he always is in the summer!

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Elissa Brown said...

I love the fake sleeping! Haha. I have perfected that as well. My family usually can't tell if I'm faking or not. :)
I wish I could get a tan like that. It takes me being in the sun every day all summer just to have anything. :)
Bruce's daughter, huh? Haha. My parents did that too. :D