Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Piano lessons

Bruce and I have long considered piano lessons for the kids...we would really like for the kids to have a good music education and piano is a great place to start. The thought of a CI in the future adds a little urgency to the matter, since it is extremely difficult -- and impossible for some -- to hear music with a CI. Lord willing, the technology will continue to improve with each passing day that my kids retain their hearing, so that whenever it's CI time for them, they will still be able to hear the music...

But anyway, my point is that we finally made the decision and the kids started piano lessons today! David is interested in anything musical; Abigail has become intensely interested for the last couple of months and has been asking me to teach her how to play the piano, so we felt like they were both ready. There is a friend in our church who teaches piano and she agreed to teach our kids...we're all really excited!
Their first lessons today went very well. We will see how the first week of at-home practicing goes and then I will report back!!!

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Delighted Hands said...

How wonderful-can I hear a concert next time I visit?!