Friday, June 06, 2008

Shine on, David

Here is a picture of David in the shepherd outfit that I sewed for him last week. A while back we had a discussion about how it was time for him to wear guy-type dress-up outfits more often than he wore his sister's princess and ballerina dress-up outifts, at which time he pointed out that he didn't have many guy-character clothing choices. He was right! So off we went to the fabric store and he picked the pattern and fabric for this new dress-up outfit. He calls it his "only a boy named David" outfit.

And to the right is a picture of David with his lovely shiner -- it doesn't show up nearly as much in the picture as it does in real life, but you get the general idea! Yesterday he got the (not so brilliant!) idea to tie a cable between the basketball hoop pole and the back of his three-wheeled chopper-style bike, and then take off on the bike...and of course, when he reached the end of the cable, it jerked him and his face slammed into the handlebars. Have I mentioned that he inherited my penchant for klutziness?!


Delighted Hands said...

I liked you in the costume without the shiner, David. Sorry you have and injury but you are enrolled in the 'school of hard knocks' for years yet!

Anonymous said...

Klutzi is one thing and stupid is another and never shall the twain meet.Yes that was stupid and thats how boys learn.You should know that after 3 brothers and all the broken bones'stichtes and bruises they had!!!!
Groovy Pops
Ps Nice costume for David