Friday, June 20, 2008

Swimming and sewing

My friend Karen comes over regularly so that we can sew together, but yesterday we added a summer twist...swimming! It was great for the kids, too, who love Karen and just don't get why she'd choose to sew with Mommy when she could be playing with them...! She always makes time for them at some point during our times together, but the pool afforded them some real play time with her, so they were more willing to let us then sew in peace for a while! (Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I took the picture just as they both looked away at something!)
Abigail also decided that she not only tolerated the water, but she LOVED it, so off she went on her tube, floating all over the pool. Karen helped her to get the hang of kicking to propel herself, and now there's no stopping her! I'm very glad she decided to like the pool sooner than the week before it closes for the year...!
For our sewing time, Karen worked on a very cool quilt that she is designing and making, and I worked on several mending projects that really need tending. Not very glorious work, but all of the clothing items were things that we really needed back in circulation, so it was good to get it done! One of the things I did was to sew the applique on a shirt for Abigail. My mom made the adorable skirt and sent me a swatch of matching fabric so that I could sew a piece onto a T-shirt to make the outfit more 'wow'.

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