Saturday, January 19, 2008

A visit to North Carolina

We are currently in Horseshoe, NC, visiting my mom- and dad-in-law. My dad-in-law's birthday was Thursday, so tonight we celebrated...and I got to have my first piece of elderberry pie! We had a nice day today. This morning we visited a local fish hatchery and then had lunch at Hot Dog World (I had two slaw dogs...I should have stopped at one, but it was soooo good...!). When we got home, the kids played outside with Grandma (it was snowing, and they still have a little snow on the ground here as well). Now my bathed-and-ready-for-church darlings are sound asleep and the grownups are going to eat banket and watch Miss Potter. I'll post pictures from our trip sometime in the next couple of days...

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