Monday, January 14, 2008

Pennies from heaven...

On Saturday, David had his first "job" for our neighbors -- he followed our neighbor around for a couple of hours and helped him spread pine straw and do other yard work. David loved it -- although it's nice to be "needed" by Daddy and Grandpas, there was something manly about being "needed" by a man outside the family! At some point, our neighbor paid him a few dollars for his hard work, a fact of which David was extremely proud (and he should be!).
This gave rise to a discussion about how, in thankfulness to God for providing for our needs, we give back to Him a portion of what we are given. Although David is used to the concept in relation to his allowance, this was his first "paid job", so he worked through it for a while before deciding it was a good idea.
With all of this as background, yesterday afternoon our precious
boy asked us, with the serious and contemplative attitude
of a child who is trying to figure something out,
"But Mommy, how does our money get up to Heaven?"


Delighted Hands said...

Reminds me of Caleb and the 'God Box'-
remember Mr Alderman 'stealing' God's money ?(He was the deacon who counted the offering each week!) Through the eyes of children..........

Josh said...

the best way to get money into heaven is to invest it in people who are going there.