Monday, January 28, 2008

Silly girl

"I'm David!"

(Note the hands on the hips...this is her most recent very girlie and drama-queenish gesture!)


Joshua said...

So you homeschool the girl, I imagine you limit and censor the television, you know her friends and her friends families, where is she learning the drama queen poses I ask? Reminds me of a picture in the 1993-1994 FBA yearbook of a certain person with two other certain persons whose thought bubbles are saying things like "You're not leaving Joshy, don't even say it" etc.

Marsel & all said...

The drama is just wait and see when your first daughter arrives!!! (I always say that she gets the drama gene from Bruce, but nobody who knows us actually believes me...and for good reason!)

Anonymous said...

Luv you sweet
Groovy Gramps