Thursday, January 17, 2008

Enjoying the last vestiges of snow

Well, we woke up to a wintry mix this morning that is more rain than snow, so our beautiful snow is disappearing quickly. This is typical for us, but I still can't help but hold out hope that one of these times we're going to get a big one!

The kids went straight outside this morning -- it was still dark, but I wasn't sure how long the snow would be on the ground, so we turned on the porch lights and let them go. We have called a "school delay" and the kids are still outside playing -- I will let them stay there until they are good and ready to come in -- snow to play in is a rare commodity for us and I wouldn't make them miss one minute of it! School will wait until they are inside, properly thawed with hot chocolate and a warm bath, and sated with the fun of a special morning!

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