Friday, January 25, 2008

Pet personalities

Molly helped herself to my water while I was getting ready for bed.
First she tested it (to make sure it was good enough for a cat to drink)...

Then she drank it!
Don't worry, I got a new one when she was done...!

And here is a picture of Baker with his "worried" face...
he is afraid of the red-eye light on the camera!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bake Bake
grampa nota

Joshua said...

Milly is such a beautiful cat!

Marsel & all said...

Oh, I should have known I would not get away with have a long memory...! Touché.

(Note to everyone else, who is likely confused by now -- Josh used to have a cat named "Muffin" that I always called "Miffin" just to irritate him...!)