Saturday, January 12, 2008

Farewell to some 'old friends'

Well, the wrecker came last night and towed away the Oldsmobile -- I was feeling a little sad (no poking fun, you all...I always feel sad when we "say goodbye" to one of our cars) but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to put ideas into the kids' heads, when David piped up with, "Mommy, I feel a little sad about Daddy's blue car going away." He can be so rough and tumble sometimes (most of the time), but he has a sensitive streak that I hope he never loses! On a side note, his sadness ended quite abruptly when Bruce pulled up in the "silver race car" (that is what David dubbed it and in church last week, he told anybody that would listen all about Daddy's new silver race car!!!).

Well, anyway, the big entertainment of the evening -- never mind the video we got at the library -- was sitting out on the porch to watch the wrecker-guy hook up the car to tow it away!

Another 'friend' we recently bid farewell to -- but in much happier circumstances! -- was the serger that Bruce bought for me early in our marriage, when we were far away from home and money was really tight (he was in law school). I was attempting garment sewing and sorely missing my mom's machine...and somehow Bruce scraped together enough to surprise me with a serger! The old girl is still running like a top, but I recently inherited my mom's serger when she upgraded, so I set the old serger aside and was waiting for a new home for it, when I heard about a friend who wanted her first serger...voila! So my beloved first serger has a new home, which makes me very happy!

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