Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bruce's new wheels

Bruce is pleased to announce that he is now the owner of an '03 Acura CL (Type S). It is in beautiful shape and loaded with enough bells and whistles to thrill any guy! Below you will find pictures of his car from almost every angle, though I just realized that I failed to take a picture under the brothers will be disappointed in me...but I will do my best to add that picture in a "p.s. post" sometime this week!

For the wrench-heads out there :-), it is an automatic transmission (with manual shift option), with a 3.2 L, V6, VTEC, 260 HP engine. It has 69K miles and lots of 'fun stuff' like a navigational system, Bose sound system, electric seat adjustment, sunroof, climate control, 17 inch wheels, sport suspension, and -- my personal favorite -- heated seats! The interior is black leather and in mint condition.

Once we figured out (after a few stomach-dropping, heart-stopping minutes!) that the "Maintenance Required" light coming on meant simply that, according to the odometer, it is due for routine maintenance, and we figured out how to get rid of said light, driving the car is pure pleasure and Bruce was awfully quick to offer to run to the store for me tonight!!!

However, our driveway now looks like a used car lot...can you say 'redneck'?!


Anonymous said...

Nice job customizing & fixing up the oldsmobile Groovy Pops

Ward Family said...

Nice Car and the light could also be emmissions related. That is what our check engine light is. Anyway, cool wheels. The kids in time will love the sporty car to take for a spin. I have 2 driving now and it is really fun sitting in the passenger seat eating every nail on your body. HHEHEHEHEH. Take care and no tickets, unless you know a good lawyer who could get you off!!! : )

Jess said...

Congratulations Bruce! May I make a small suggestion? In summer cover your black leather seat with something if it is to be parked in the sun for any length of time. Especially if you're wearing shorts. (You needn't ask how I know)Or get one of the kooky windshield blocker thingies. It's one step a way from a 'yarn ball' on your antenna but it's worth it.

Marsel & all said...

LOL! Bruce already has a kookie sunblocker thingy and uses it every day when he parks at work (if he were to miss anything in the regular routine, the earth might fall out of orbit!)...but we've used it more for the sake of the dash because we've always had cloth seats. I hadn't thought about back-of-thigh burns...thanks for the headsup!

Josh said...

Redneck? You do live in the foothills of North Georgia. Hope the banjos don't keep you awake at night.