Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New year, new 'friends'

Since we had a couple of hours to burn while we were waiting for our picture appt yesterday, we went next door to Build-A-Bear, where the kids picked out, helped to stuff, stuck a satin heart inside, and then dressed their new stuffed animals. David picked out a dog he named "Jupiter" (he dressed it in a solar system shirt) and Abigail picked out a koala she named "Kelly" (I had to make suggestions until I thought of one she liked), and of course she dressed it in a princess shirt!

It was a fun process for the kids and it used up an hour or so in a useful pursuit instead of getting tired, bored, and grumpy before pictures!

Their animals have played with them all day long today, too -- superhero/princess, hospital, house, etc -- it's been fun to see them enjoying their creations.

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Debbie Griffin said...

Our kids just did Build-A-Bear for the first time this Thanksgiving and loved it!!! Daniel named his Peter Parker and of course got him the Spider Man outfit! They also chose sounds for their paws...It was so much fun! Your kids' pics are adorable...how I miss Picture People! :-)