Friday, June 29, 2007

Life according to a five year old

David has been full of interesting viewpoints lately...the other day he asked me (very seriously) if Superman wears underwear. Yesterday he was telling me about someday when he would have a baby growing in his belly (pregnancy is a captivating subject for him lately, I think because two of his friends' moms are pregnant). I listened for a minute and then gently interjected that babies only grow in mommies' bellies, not guys' bellies. He gave me a look like he was the superior being of knowledge and I was just a know-nothing , and then indignantly informed me that SOMEDAY he would grow a baby in his belly, because he knew about it and he could. I decided not to pursue the subject, because it wouldn't take much to dig us much deeper than I want to go with him quite yet!!!

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Debbie Griffin said...

Too funny! Hannah was obsessed with having a baby when we were expecting Sarah. She was convinced there was a baby in her tummy because it was growing so big--Daniel just rolled his eyes like, "see mom...she is crazy!"