Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daily report 6/12/07

We had a great time at Joe & Lisa's last night. Abigail had a blast playing with her cousins and it was really nice to see Lisa upright and alert! We had to pay the piper this morning, though -- Abigail is overtired and grumpy. I will have to be careful to get her to bed early the rest of the week! Fortunately, she was still happy about coming to therapy -- it was (literally) the only thing that gave her a smile this morning. We finally got results on Bruce's MRI -- they think that there may be a defect in his septum (the part that divides the two sides of the heart). They are next going to do a transesophageal echocardiogram (as in, going down his throat to look at his heart -- doesn't that sound like fun?!) to see if they can pinpoint the issue. Today we are supposed to get a date for that. Even if this is the problem, we still don't really have any more info as far as prognosis or treatment yet -- it could still be anything from a device-closure to a transplant. So we have taken only one tiny step forward on the road to diagnosis! Patience is not my favorite virtue...

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