Monday, June 11, 2007

Daily report 6/11/07

We're back in was wonderful to be home and see everyone this past weekend, but it was REALLY HARD to leave again. Abigail was wailing for David and Daddy and Grandma...thankfully, once we got down the road and I offered her some juice and her Mary Poppins video, she was happy again. :-) She is doing well again today. The other child in the program is feeling better and back with us this week, so Abigail is a little bit less dynamic, but still doing fine. Tonight we are going to visit Joe, Lisa, and family, so it will be nice to see them and a nice break from our routine besides. I spoke with the cardio.'s office about Bruce's MRI results -- apparently the dr. was out of the office all of last week, which is what has caused the delay (it would have been nice if the girl I talked to last week had told me that instead of hedging!). We are supposed to get results and a game plan tomorrow, and we are more than ready.

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