Friday, June 15, 2007

And Bruce's diagnosis is...

ASD -- Atrial Septal Defect -- i.e. a hole between the upper chambers (atria) of the heart. This is the same defect that Abigail had -- at the time hers was diagnosed (and corrected), we were not aware that there was a family history of ASD...but now we know!

This diagnosis is great news in the scheme of things and we are praising the Lord for a problem that can be corrected...and without a heart/lung transplant! We have an appointment on July 3rd to meet with the cardiologist who specializes in this kind of thing -- he will make the determination of whether they can close the hole with a device (via heart catheterization -- the way Abigail had it done) or whether it will require open heart surgery.

An incredible piece of news is that the doctor thinks that once the hole is closed, there is a good possibility that the heart may return – at least somewhat – to its normal size. This was a wonderful surprise to us, since everything we had read indicated that once the enlargement occurred, there was no reversing it. It will take some time, but it is a bonus and we’re thrilled by it and grateful for it!

I am SO GRATEFUL for this diagnosis and, although I know that there are no guarantees of a tomorrow for any of us, I feel as though I've been given back my husband.

Here's to 90 more years together, Hon! I love you!

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