Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I am not cut off!

Oh, glory be -- I am not entirely cut off from the Internet! :-) The hospital has a computer available for the parents...granted, it is dial-up and you have to hover like a buzzard in order to jump in and claim a turn, but it is a connection nonetheless and I am grateful for it!!! Abigail's first day of therapy went really well -- she wasn't at all upset by the new surroundings and new people and seemed to adapt well to the physical demands of the day. She wasn't frustrated by the constraint of her good hand, either -- in fact, soon after she woke up this morning, she asked if she could go play with her puppet! (they use a puppet on the 'good' hand all day long to force constant use of the affected hand) This good-hand constraint can be very upsetting to some kids, but it didn't faze her in the least. It made me grateful for the "use left hand" refrain we have fired at her constantly over the last two years -- since left hand use is a familiar concept to her, it has made this therapy much less overwhelming for her. I will try to post a quick report every day while we are here -- there probably won't be much that is earth-shattering, but at least you all can share in this experience with us to some degree.

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Anonymous said...

So glad for this blessing of 'connectivness'-we have come to depend on it , haven't we?! Love,Mom