Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Daily report 6/6/07

Therapy continues to go well. Abigail is completely comfortable keeping her good hand restrained all day and is still eager to go see her puppet every morning. I am thoroughly enjoying the rare opportunity to sit, relax, read, knit, nap, etc -- such a contrast to our typical schedule of appointments almost every day. I have also been going to sleep early in the evening and then waking up on my own shortly after six each morning -- that's my body's normal rhythm but not one that I can usually's been great! We got great news yesterday regarding David's MRI -- the lump on his back is just a fatty tumor resulting from an injury...nothing scary, and nothing that is going to require any further medical intervention. Praise the Lord! David is having such a fun time having Grandma Minota all to himself that he hardly has time to talk to me on the phone. He usually gets all sad and quivery talking to me when I am away, but I guess he is growing I feel sad and quivery, but he's rushing to get rid of the phone so that he can get back to having fun! :-) Although I miss everyone, I am grateful for this special time for my mom and my son to share together. Still waiting on Bruce's MRI results. Hopefully we will get something today.

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Greta said...

Praise the Lord that Abigail is doing well and that this is turning out to be a respite for you. You deserve it! I'm glad you are connected so we don't have to wonder about you. We are continually praying for all of you.