Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Daily report 6/13/07

Abigail had a great night of sleep last night and is back at it today. She is by herself this morning and will thoroughly enjoy the one-on-one attention. Yesterday she was throwing beanbags into a net and her left-handed release was beautiful!!! She was actually splaying the hand to release the beanbag while her arm was still in the throwing motion. Again, those of you who have not seen her struggle just do not realize what an incredible achievement this just trust's amazing! We got a date for Bruce's TEE -- it will be this Friday at 11 a.m. So my Dad drives back to GA (from FL) today; he, my mom, and David will drive up here tomorrow morning so that I can show the ropes to my mom, then tomorrow night I will ride back with my dad and David so that I can be with Bruce for his procedure, and my mom will stay here with Abigail for the last day of therapy. We always aim to make things as exciting as possible!!!

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