Monday, September 01, 2008

Mystery Tote Step 2

Perhaps it's a horrible thing to do, but we did school today...the kids were blissfully unaware that everybody else had the day off, Bruce was working all day (albeit at home), and I want the extra day off later this month when we have special visitors from the we went ahead with school! However, other than the usual daily house-maintenance (laundry, dishes, dinner), I celebrated the holiday by spending the afternoon 'fabricking'. After much good-natured ribbing, my mom and I have both finished Step 2 of our Mystery Tote and are waiting for the next step to be revealed. Just for the record, she did finish hers before I did...but only by a few hours! :) I was very relieved to have my blocks turn out the proper size (and pretty, too)! A nice, artsy-style urn, don't you think?
It'll be exciting to see how different all three of our totes will look due to different fabric choices.
I also cut the rest of the strips for my remaining GI quilt blocks, so I can sew a block or two whenever I have a spare minute over the next week or so and have them all ready to head to Florida soon.
What a pleasant afternoon -- relaxing, enjoyable, and something to show for it, too!

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Delighted Hands said...

Wow, the blocks turned out great! Love the brown pattern. Now the pressure is on Gram!