Monday, September 22, 2008

Some recent kid-isms

Abigail, shortly after my grandparents left: "Daddy, when are Grandma & Grandpa going to stay for a few days?" Bruce: "They already did stay for a few days." Abigail: "When are they going to stay for a LOT of days so I can be happy at them?" ~ Abigail, watching a husband and wife cooking together on television: "Mommy, is that man that mother's husband?" Me: "Yes, it is." A: "Do they kiss on the mouthses?" Me: "Yup." A: "When I grow up, will I kiss Daddy on the mouth?" In our house, we kiss the kids on the cheek and "only Mommy and Daddy" kiss on the lips. Abigail has been quite fascinated with that lately and is always busily trying to figure it all out. She understands that she will kiss her husband on the lips someday...but she is still convinced that she is going to marry her daddy! (and we are in no rush for her to outgrow that stage!) ~ Abigail: "Mommy, is God sad at me when I sin? Me: "Yes, He is. Sin makes Him sad." Abigail, after pondering very seriously for a minute: "Is God sad when I cut my brother's finger with my scissors?" (She had recently done that very thing when she got mad at David for spitting on her paper during school...) ~ David is in the boy-stage when he is completely convinced that he can beat up anyone who might wish him ill. This leads to amusing-but-quickly-turning-wearying comments like those he has been making in school recently. In Bible class, we have been learning about the Israelites' slavery in Egypt. David points out daily that he wouldn't let "those bad guys" (i.e. the Egyptians) make him be a slave because he would punch them in the face/beat them up/grab their whip and hit them with it/take the soldiers' weapons/grab them and knock them down (etc etc) and thereby escape. He is completely serious, and trying to gently refute him only leads to more detailed explanations of how he would prevail over the bad guys. (Don't worry, we don't let him run too rampant with it...we have vetoed all comments from the kids during teaching time. Only the teacher gets the talking privileges! ...but I can still see it in his eyes and I know exactly what he's thinking!!!) I vividly remember my brother Jared with the same cocky ideas at this age...but I don't remember the phase passing very quickly...if at all...sigh...!

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Delighted Hands said...

He will think it until he is a lot older.......! Love the kids perspectives on life tho!