Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday misc.

Today's picture is of the kids during "music & mural" time in school. On Mondays during Activity Time, we listen to classical music -- today's was Chopin -- while the kids work on their mural. We started with a fresh piece of paper today and the kids went right to work making trees and attaching some falling leaves (courtesy of their Florida grandmas!). The 3D effect is actually quite pretty! Yes, they wore their pajamas for school today -- no smart-aleck comments necessary! Monday mornings are always hard because we are up past bedtime on Sunday nights, so I don't crack the whip as much on the little things come Monday morning. It's one of the joys of being the teacher and setting the rules! :) Abigail had OT today and the therapist was astounded (again) at the progress Abigail is making. She is gaining much finer use of that left hand. "Lifestyle therapy" is normal for us now (that is, encouraging better and more frequent use of that hand during the course of everyday activities), and the OT is also beneficial, but we have seen piano make a HUGE difference for her. Through her burning desire to play piano and the exercises and songs she has to practice, she has gained isolation of every single finger on that left hand. It's truly amazing. She has also started dressing herself completely, including taking off the old shirt and putting the new one on, which is a very complicated task that we used to take for granted! Again, we are so thankful that God has built into her such a strong persistence and a willingness to practice until she can make something work the way it ought. So have you heard about the gas shortages around Atlanta? It's true. Most of the gas stations here are reminiscent of ghost towns, with blank signs, bags over the pumps, and no one in sight. Even my two little "secret treasures" -- two very out-of-the-way stations that have been heretofore unnoticed by the general public -- were out of gas today. The few stations that do have gas are so packed it's unbelievable, with lines that extend out into the main roads and snarl up surrounding traffic. It has been a really good reminder for me to be thankful for the typical abundance of gasoline here in the USA. Well, I need to get back to the expense report that I am supposed to be working on. I tried ignoring it, but it still hasn't gone I guess I should conquer it!


Delighted Hands said...

I think pjs 'til noon should be the uniform! Glad you all are doing well.

cj and family said...

Things aren't quite as bad in Greenville, but they're getting close. Only about 1 of every 6 stations has fuel, and more are closing every day. So glad to hear how well Abigail is doing! Praise the Lord!