Thursday, September 25, 2008

A million bucks

At risk of seeming a bit narcissistic, here is a picture of me from this morning. Lately I have felt so blah about my look and it is wonderful to feel like a millions bucks again! The first few days are always a bit of a bridge while I figure out how to make the style happen, but I think we're getting close now! A chilly morning (45 degrees), a pair of jeans that are actually long enough (something I never take for granted), a new corduroy top (garage sale find), a little lipstick, and a new hairstyle make me feel ready to take on the world today!!!
(Bruce, don't scold because I smiled without my teeth!!!)


Delighted Hands said...

I told you the 30's is when a woman comes into her own........its happening!

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful !!!!
Your Groovy Pop

Elissa Brown said...

You look great, Marsel! I love your pictures and your hairstyle looks wonderful on you!

Anonymous said...

I love it! You look great! =)