Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sleeping, quilting...what more do you need?!

Yesterday my body showed its appreciation for the medication by wanting to do nothing but sleep! We finished school, and then other than getting up to get dinner on the table, I pretty much holed up for the afternoon. Bruce and the kids headed out to church and I went to bed...and I was asleep before they got home!
I am feeling much better today, thankfully. We did school, of course, and then my friend Karen came over to sew. We worked some more on the mystery quilt, ate dinner and enjoyed a triple chocolate cake she brought while we watched The Sound of Music, ripped out a seam on the quilt (whoops!), and ended the evening with a completed quilt top (well, it's still waiting for its borders). Success!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marsel,
Finally have your blog again--it's in my favorites and am so enjoying it. I can actually hear you commenting. Love, Aunt Barbara

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful job you two!

Jess said...

It's lovely, can't wait to see the border.