Friday, September 12, 2008

Science trip

In celebration of beginning a new science chapter, we went on a trip as part of our school day today. We did a scaled-down version of our other lessons first thing this morning, then headed over to my friend Karen's house to visit her chickens, help to feed and water them, gather eggs, and go on an insect hunt so that we could feed the chickens!
Refilling the water tank
David gathering eggs
Abigail getting in on the fun

David showing off some of his insects

Abigail said she would rather find berries for the chickens!

Throwing "candy" to the chickens (yes, I enjoyed it as much as the kids did!)

Abigail especially liked that they were in a fence, so she could enjoy them "safely"!

After we exhausted the local insect supply,we dug up a clump of pampas grass that Karen bequeathed to me. The kids got into the action, too.

After that, we went inside to clean up, eat lunch, have dessert, and for the rest of the afternoon Karen and I looked at pictures and chatted while the kids alternately played and got nosy around her house. :) We ended the day with one last foray to the chicken coop because David insisted that we should check for eggs again...and the kids were delighted to find another half-dozen or so eggs waiting for them!

We had such a great day! A wonderful end to our *thirtieth* day of school, and a great beginning to our new science chapter. Thank you so much, Karen!!!


Delighted Hands said...

What a perfectly clucky day! Any friend that loves chickens is a special friend!

Chris said...

Hi Marsel,

Spent some time this afternoon catching up with your family's summer! Looks like you've had a blast! Thanks for sharing--you've inspired me to start a blog . . . we'll see if the inspiration lasts till Monday! :o)

Love, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Strange to think that was you just yesterday with your daddy growing up.Had to jog your memories growing up doing the same thing hey Princess!!
Love Your
Groovy Pops
what wonderful memories