Saturday, May 03, 2008

Planting and creating

Today the guys re-tilled the garden and planted all of our seeds. We had originally planned to plant everything, but we were threatened with damaging thunderstorms so we decided to delay putting in the young plants just in case we got hail or other violent weather. Those storms never materialized, but that's okay...better safe than sorry! We did get lots of lovely rain, so we didn't need to hand-water anything, which was a nice perk!

While the guys were working in the garden, the girls put up a trellis and planted a climbing rose (my Mother's Day present!) and also planted new annuals in the flowerpots out by our front steps.

After we finished our outside jobs, I got to sew while my mom-in-law made a delicious dessert for me -- Raspberry Patch Crumble Bars...yum! I finished hemming the mother-daughter dresses and then I finished sewing a pajama set for Abigail.

And of course, David wanted to be in on the picture-action, too!

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Delighted Hands said...

The pj's turned out great-you are becoming quite the seamstress-I love it! The rest of the pics were good , too.......