Friday, May 23, 2008

More checkups done for another year!

May is one of those months when a lot of our annual specialist-checkups happen...between us all, we have done cardiology, opthalmology, allergy/asthma, & hematology, as well as our more-frequent specialists for audiology and ENT...not to mention the run-of-the-mill appointments like dentist and pediatrician! We are very thankful to be in an area where there is such excellent medical care available in every specialty that we have needed. Anyway, today was Abigail's annual checkup with her cardiologist (she will be followed yearly because of her ASD device closure back in '05), and my annual checkup with the hematologist (to keep tabs on my blood disorder; it has been in remission TEN YEARS now!...but it is possible for it to act up at any point, so we just watch it). Both of us got clean bills of health and are good to go for another year. We do not take good health for granted...we thank God for every day of life, let alone health!!!


Delighted Hands said...

Whoopee! A clean bill of health is a good thing.........

Anonymous said...

It is HE the LORD of Sabaoth that has done this great thing and we rejoice with you in this!!
Groovy Pops