Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Family day

^In the picture, it just looks like a pillar of smoke,
but in real life, it was a fountain of colored sparks!
Yesterday started rather dubiously, with Abigail waking up by throwing up, but thankfully the day improved from there! She seemed fine after her one episode, and we enjoyed a day of snuggling, reading together, hanging out at the pool for a while, taking naps (all of us except David, who got to watch cartoons!), working in the garden, having some sparklers and fireworks, eating a traditional hot-dogs-on-the-grill dinner, and then we were all glad to see bedtime come!

As I was waking up from my nap, I thought I heard an ice cream truck and figured I must still be dreaming; but no, it really was an ice cream truck! I jumped up, got David (Abigail was still asleep), and we ran out to get ice cream...

...it was David's very first time seeing such a thing and the grin that split his face was dazzling...it was so much fun to watch him! (Just for the record, we bought a treat for Bruce & Abigail, too, and put it in the freezer until they woke up!)

It was so nice to spend the day together...

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