Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bruce's heart update

This morning Bruce had a checkup with his interventional cardiologist (the one in charge of putting the device in his heart last year). Our expectations were a bit too high in that we were hoping that he could start weaning off of some of his meds, but that is not yet to be! Nonetheless, we are grateful for how well he is doing; his EKG was normal, he has not experienced a-fib since Sept. '07, and the enlargement has reduced from "gross" to "mild". They want him to stay on his current meds to keep him out of a-fib, and it is unclear when they will be able to wean him. Next week we see the cardio-electrophysiologist doctor and then it will be six months before we go back again. We are so grateful to the Lord for His care of Bruce...a year ago today we didn't even realize yet that there was a serious problem, and here we are now with a much healthier Bruce!


Anonymous said...

We rejoice in HIS watch care over all of you and how you count it all but joy with all the health trials your family has been through yet still rejoice and serve the KING of KINGS faithfully and walk worthy in the manner you were callled by HIS grace.
In CHRIST great love
Groovy Pops

Anonymous said...

So glad for a fairly good report on Bruce. Love Grandma