Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How does your garden grow...

Our garden is starting to take off -- we've gotten a good bit of rain this month and now the days are getting hot and steamy, so the plants are shooting up.

The last two Saturdays Bruce and David have been working on a new idea for keeping our tomatoes upright. We've always used traditional tomato cages, but every year we've been down here, the plants get huge and tip the cages right over to the ground. I must admit to a good-natured chuckle or two as I watched these big ole "contraptions" (as I affectionately refer to them) get assembled, but yesterday we strung twine between them and I must say that I really do think they're going to work! Another testament to Bruce's talent, first with a yellow legal pad (where he does his "thinking") and then with his tools. I married a talented guy!

Yesterday, besides twine-stringing, we also thinned out the corn, bean, and cucumber plants, hoed and hilled the corn and beans, weeded, straightened out the rabbit fence (a shorter, smaller-link fence inside the chain link), cut out some renegade sweet-gum treelings that liked the tilled soil, and laid down some more black plastic for weed-control.

Pictured at left, clockwise from the top left: tomatoes (fresh salsas, golden mamas, tangerine mamas, and one cherry); Ruby Queen corn; cucumbers; zinnias (inside the white flags; that's what the kids chose and planted this year); wax beans, and to the left of that but you can't see it in the picture are sweet potatoes.

That's everything in our spring garden! (Things like greens, carrots, Brussels sprouts, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, etc, have to wait for the fall garden...our southern summers are too hot for them!)


Anonymous said...

Can i have the old tomato cages?
Grovvy Pops

Delighted Hands said...

It looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it as it grows! Stand over it and call out, "Weeds be gone!" like Grandpa and then you will keep it weedfree!

Anonymous said...

Man, you get TWO gardens? We have our peas, lettuce, cilantro & carrots planted, but the rest have to wait another week or so. We're still getting frosty nights!!