Friday, May 16, 2008

Washcloth progress

To everyone's surprise, :-), I have actually started the washcloth (I am terrible about being inspired but not actually starting!), and here is my progress so far. It took longer to get the skein of yarn wound into a ball than it did to knit this much, but the knitting has been enjoyable so far.

For those of you interested in the knitting part, the five points of the star are done separately (cutting the yarn between each), and then all live stitches will be joined to make the body of the star. The pattern is one that was designed by L. Mariana especially for our yarn shop.

Molly was cooperative about modeling for me (it always depends on her current mood!), but she was totally disinterested in the yarn because it is 100% cotton...her fetish is for animal-fiber yarns!

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Delighted Hands said...

Whoopee! You are doing it-color looks great on Molly, maybe if she used a washcloth, she wouldn't lick herself bald!